You need a hand painted long horn skull. We want to support Let's make it happen.

The Matador recently approached us about submitting custom artwork for a charity auction supporting Childhaven. Childhaven focuses on the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect. Serious stuff. Of course, we were honored to participate and hope you will join us. 

You may be asking yourself what kind of artwork you'll be bidding on? How about the hand-painted-long-horn-skull, kind. Nice. Tracy, Curtis and Jacob from Anchor Tattoo will all be submitting pieces, in addition to local artist, Joe Nix

So, please join us at the Matador from 5pm - 11pm on Friday, November 1st. It will be a fine evening of art, tradition and fundraising.  Arrive hungry and thirsty. There will be Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) inspired food and drinks specials. Leave full and inspired. And if you bid high enough, you can leave with a truly one of a kind painting while supporting the kids.

See you Friday.


Anchor Tattoo


Join us at the Matador. Support Childhaven.